Thursday, May 25, 2017

theGrimGirls Zine & LA Zinefest 2017

I can't really express how exciting it is to print a new zine... especially getting to show off some color! I have been working in color for a long time but people who only know of my zines have only seen my black and whites... 

I am beyond thrilled to have a ton of zines to trade at LA Zinefest 2017 !!! If you see me there ask for a zine or trade me for one!! 


Monday, April 3, 2017

The Grim Girls

This is a series that started about 15 years ago (like The Mismatched Miscreants)... I was a Junior in high school, watching Cartoon Network (Powerpuff Girls, Cowboy Bebop, etc) and reading newly translated Sailor Moon manga ... I first designed the ghost girl... and then the vampire came about and slowly evolved... but it took me forever to decide on the witch... this is the first time they have ever been in color and finally had a story to start things off... I decided on a zine because I can do a lot with 8 pages and just really want a printed book of them already ... This will be my FIRST full COLOR zine... I really enjoyed exploring the diversity of black and white with all my other zines but am excited to take them to another level.

I only have a few pages left to finish illustrating but am already coloring some of it... I will have them ready and available at the 2017 LA Zinefest ... really looking forward to it!! Thanks for reading and interacting


Sunday, March 5, 2017

MRamorphous Playlists

MRamorphous started as a username... soon I found that I used it quite often... and eventually decided it was perfect to name any music I wanted to post... now it's been about 5 years that I've been playing around with sound and after a few eps I realized I tend to make either synthy tracks or vocal tracks (either in english or in just sound) I decided it would make it easier to get a sort of idea of what my music is like if I compiled these songs into little collections... so here they are... Unquiet, Resonate and Inarticulate 

MRamorphous ZINE coming soon!!

Unquiet is a collection of songs I made over the last 5 years with lyrics... with the exception of "ALONE" which is a 7 minute guitar solo from my friend Rafa Erduz I added lyrics and synth to

Resonate is a synth only collection except for the voices in the track "Synchronicity" and repetitive melody in "Danimal" ... all first takes of each layer as well... usually made out of nowhere and later re-listened to and chosen to post…

and finally Inarticulate compiles my favorite songs I didn't feel needed words... the emotions are conveyed without them... I got to a point where it felt like trying to worry about lyrics was getting in the way of the expression... it would take longer sometimes than just creating the sounds... I also didn't want to make it so specific... it has specific meaning for me but could be left up to the "audience" (should one ever exist) and was also just more theraputic

Monday, January 30, 2017

2016 and 2017...

As everyone with internet probably knows by now… 2016 really blew chunks for most people… so it’s not a surprise that I’m in that same boat… 

I’d say since I’ve moved to Los Angeles (2007) I’ve had many challenges… very welcomed. I’ve failed, I’ve struggled with believing in myself and really gotten to explore who I am and what I’m about, fearing if anyone would ever truly get my work and what I was trying to express or just see me as some joke that draws cartoons. It’s still something I struggle with… and being in a Trumpression (I’ve been trying diff combos… guess I’ll go with that one for now) with the rest of the world doesn’t help. It’s like a thin layer of evil fog that just makes you feel like shit. 

It makes me think… what can I do RIGHT NOW? What can I say RIGHT NOW?… TO CHANGE THE WORLD!!! and I’ve been drawing blanks. (It’s a tall order alone I suppose, luckily there are a ton of other people that are finally fed up with the status quo) I don’t usually get so literal with my comics and tend to really try and let ideas marinate for their time but I am definitely looking forward to all the really important dialogue that I will soon finally get to have in my work. The years of trying to find the time and energy to really cultivate and expand each story each character, each imaginary universe. For those of you that haven’t read my comics, I am currently working on 6 different comic series, 5 of which are online for FREE…(one at merely 24 pages while another is close to 500) not including my zine series and future zines and comics as well as video and music…

I guess I just really hope that we are finally getting that we have to work TOGETHER and see past these hateful labels and stereotypes that are keeping us apart…truly appreciate our differences and see how they all fit together to create a beautiful world... that we can someday heal the wounds with reparations and a new respect for each other and ourselves...we are all still working on our own personal dialogues and who can blame us when America has been pushing it’s white washed agenda down everyones throats for so long… it’s all some people know sadly…but now there is no excuse anymore…we should know better. 

Media is so much more powerful than most people realize, and anyone who tries to control the masses subconsciously with ideas of what they should look like, act like, to the point of making nobody feel like they are enough etc is truly evil. I hope that one day we can be on the same page when it comes to basic human rights and equality… why do we accept that some people are so rich that they are bored while others so poor they get to starve and die a quick death…why one sex gets to dominate every field while the other is always questioned for their ability….others who don't fit into the modern "norms" are treated like perverts or mentally ill... I understand there is good and evil, light and dark, a balance etc but it doesn’t seem ok to me… it doesn’t seem necessary… why have people been ok with these things for so long?

So, with all of the obvious reasons like Trumpression and then my own personal reasons I haven’t felt very productive with my work… maybe it’s because I could have millions of pages but they are slowly dripping out of my skull at a painful pace… maybe it’s because I don’t currently have a compatible photoshop/tablet combo… maybe it’s because I have a full time job…. but, with all my might, I’m going to keep pushing, and loving and creating my stories… to help heal… to teach, to entertain…hopefully you.

WE CAN DO THIS!! We can work together and make a better life for all of us… where no one gets left in the dust… well, that is, if Earth isn’t over us already and decides to soon get rid of us… *GULP

Thursday, August 11, 2016

GREEN ZINE #2: "Wanita the Wheelchair Witch: Hell On Wheels"

I only started making/printing zines in 2014 but now officially have 8 different ones... I would have a ton more by now but life has forced me to wait... I tend to always feel like I could be making comics, stories etc so much faster than I do... but alas...


Without further ado the official cover for Zine #8......

While these have been so much fucking fun creating they are essentially to bring new readers to my free digital comic series... now almost all of my online series have a zine.... all but one... (Green Zine #3) Below are Green Zine #1 FAT fridaze and #2 Wanita the Wheelchair Witch

Saturday, July 23, 2016

DMBstudios GREEN zine # 2 (aka DMBstudios Zine # 8) "Hell On Wheels"

Without further ado… I give you…MY 8th ZINE aka GREEN ZINE # 2 “Hell On Wheels” 

I had originally planned on finishing this Zine before I moved back to LA in April but I had issues with my Wacom tablet… Special thanks to Zak for lending me his!! This Zine stars Wanita from my FREE online comic series Wanita the Wheelchair Witch, a series I started posted in 2014… I am currently working on the next 4 pages of that series and hope to post them before the years end

“Hell On Wheels” is my 2nd (of 3) Green Zines… and will be printed ASAP. As I planned my other zines out I realized I had 3 online series that were all green in their own ways… (can you guess who # 3 will star??) Pictured above is the first Green Zine FAT fridaze: “Weed Is Your Friend”… 

Thanks for reading and supporting!!

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Monday, July 11, 2016

"Unquiet" Playlist

I've been experimenting with music seriously-ish since 2012, and wanted to put a playlist together of some of my best vocal stuff so far... excluding the first track all of these songs have lyrics...

Please enjoy!